October 16th, 2004    -    Four Car Shows In One Day! Chevy Power   -   AutoZone   -   Scottsdale Pavilions - Casino Arizona
AutoZone Grand Opening Scottsdale, Arizona October 16, 2004 This was a quaint but enjoyable show. Thanks for the free hot dog and soda! Edith!


StillRuns.com Beater of the Show Award! Edith!
This poor car. I heard that, after I left this show, the owner of the car locked his keys in it. He was about to cut the top open to get in, but someone used a coat hanger to unlock the door. Then he gets in the car, starts doing a donut and slams into a car belonging to an AutoZone employee. Messed up the fender and door pretty good.
Oops. This is the only photo I took of the Biscayne at this show. For better photos of it, see the Chevy Power show from earlier the same day.
On the way from this show to the Scottsdale Pavilions show. As it turns out, this car was on its way to that show!

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