More great photos: My Car, Funny Cars, Crashed Cars, Old Cars, Car Shows Here you will find cars which have pulled off to the side of the road for one reason or another, or for some reason appear to be at least temporarily out of commission. Maybe they're just out of gas or maybe they just got a flat tire. Others might be a bit more serious. Notice that not a single one of these cars is a 1972 Impala. In all fairness, if I break down and I have my camera with me, I will take my car's photo and add it to this page! Next Page

It's owners do stand by their cars. Turns out that it's because they're waiting for a tow truck
I have no idea what is going on here, but it looks like the one girls is flipping someone off! It appears to have been enough of a distraction to cause the guy below to crash his car! No joke...this guy crashed right near where the girls were running around in their bikinis! His phone call probably sounded something like: "Yeah honey, the brakes went out...I swear!"
It's a little hard to read, but the sign says, "You've gone too long without it." Are they referring to that missed oil change?

It's not too often you see a house broke down on the freeway!

Uh...I stand corrected...

Here's TWO brokedown houses!

Wait...there's more!

Not 100 feet up the road from where she broke down, there was a department of corrections bus, with a sign next to it that said, "Inmates Working. Do Not Stop." What bad timing! This is about the only time there'd be a need for security surveillance systems in this car.

Unleash the tow truck!

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