I'm not too sure why you'd be crazy enough to buy my car. Ok, so it's been an extremely reliable car over the years. But now, hundreds of thousands of miles later, it really is in terrible shape! But, if you still want it after hearing that, the price starts at $20,000 and goes up from there if you try to haggle or if you want extras like floor mats or the stereo or the piece of driftwood which I use to prop up the front seat to just the right angle for comfortable driving. Why $20,000? There's sentimental value, the value of the scrap metal on the car, and the value of the gas in the tank! Plus, the car is world famous! This site has been online since 1995!

This car is in much better shape than Archie, so if you want it, you'll have to pay $112,000 plus shipping.

Low Mileage.

Air Conditioning.

Spare Tire.

Floor Mats.

New Gas Cap!


Buy both cars and the web site for only $93,000!!!


Impalas for sale cheaper than mine!

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