Shows Archie participated in Nimbus Beer Hooptie Show! Piece of S#*T Car Contest! Impala Bob's Cactus Corvair Club All Chevy Day Sweetheart Chevy Show 2007 Glendale Community College Connolly Middle School (Archie's First Show) Scottsdale Pavilions Pavilions Revisited Capital Center Leasing Equipment Leasing Crest Weekly Show 2004 Heavy Equipment Night National Financing Tour Goodguys Nationals 2004 Toyz for Totz 2004 Deer Valley High School Cruise On Central Safeway - 83rd Ave & Deer Valley 83rd Ave Car Show 6-12-10 Joe's Crab Shack 2006 Scout's Weekly Cruise Night Mad Hatter Muffler Pride & Joy 2006 Mad Hatter Muffler Pride & Joy 2007 Pride & Joy 2008 Spring of Life Church Dobson Rd. & Elliot Rd. Weekly Cruise Night Firebird Raceway Kids Count Car Show Pebble Creek Classic AutoZone 2 Impala Bob's Fall Car Show 2008 Arizona Impalas 5 & Diner Show 2008 Spring of Life Church 2009 Glendale 9 Drive-In Season Opener Kaos Funeral Cars Halloween Haunt Charity Car and Costume Show Super Chevy Car Show 2010 Shows Edith participated in Cruise on Central - April 2011 National Collector Car Appreciation Day National Impala Association 25th Anniversary! Goodguys 2006 Rosson House Museum Rosson House Museum 2005 Rosson House Museum 2007 Prescott Auto Enthusiasts Show (Edith's First Show) Scottsdale Pavilions Show Scottsdale Pavilions Show (May 2005) Scottsdale Pavilions Show (Sept 2005) Highway Cafe - Sedona, Arizona Toyz For Totz 2003 Cathedral Christian Academy Safeway - 83rd Ave & Deer Valley Safeway - 83rd Ave & Deer Valley 2009 Impala Bob's 2005 Impala Bob's 2006 Impala Bob's 2007 Nifty 50's #2 Mad Hatter Muffler Pride And Joy Show Desert Classic Chevys 2005 Sweetheart Chevy Show Cruise On Central 2006 Lindsey & Warner Weekly Cruise-In AZ Street Rod Assn Gold-N-Oldies Arizona Ave Pavilions May 2007 Scout's Weekly Cruise Night #2 NIA Convention Phoenix Light Rail Grand opening Wienerschnitzel Weekly Car Show Wienerschnitzel Weekly Car Show - May 2011 Teasers Gentleman's Club Car Show - June 2009 Teasers Gentleman's Club Car Show - July 2009 Cruise on Main Street - Mesa, AZ Hotrods and High Heels Photo Shoot
October 16th, 2004    -    Four Car Shows In One Day! Chevy Power   -   AutoZone   -   Scottsdale Pavilions - Casino Arizona
Shows all 3 Impalas participated in 3rd Annual Arizona Impalas 5 & Diner Shiner 2nd Annual Arizona Impalas 5 & Diner Shiner Impala Bob's 2005 Badguys Scouts Shows Archie and Edith participated in Kiwanis Club of Tempe Nuevo Kiwanis Club of Tempe Nuevo 2009 Desert Classic Chevy's Chevy Power Tempe Town Lake Joe's Crab Shack 2004 Joe's Crab Shack 2005 3rd Annual Arizona Impalas All Chevy Show Casino Arizona 2005 St. Louis The King Target Weekly Show Pavilions November 2009 Scottsdale Pavilions 6-12-10 Shows Archie, Edith and Gloria participated in! Arizona Impalas 5 & Diner Shiner (Gloria's First Show) Shows Meathead participated in! Split Window Diner (Meathead's First Show) Safeway - 83rd Ave & Deer Valley Scottsdale Pavilions Scottsdale Pavilions Dec 2006 35th Ave & Northern Nifty 50's Cruise-In Goodguys 2005 Lindsey & Warner Cruise-In Desert Thunder Cruise On Central 2006 Scottsdale Pavilions (May 2006) Scout's Weekly Cruise Night #3 Other show photos Guitars and Handlebars 4th Annual Arizona Deuce Day Scottsdale Pavilions February 2009 Dr. George Car Show - Indian Wells Chapman Chevy Show 2008 Iranian Car Shows 2008 Scottsdale Pavilions 5-3-08 Scottsdale Pavilions 1-1-2011 Antique Tractor Show Big Boys Classic Car Spectacular! Kruse International 2008 Mesa High School Barrett Jackson Barrett Jackson 2006 Barrett Jackson 2007 Barrett Jackson 2008 Barrett Jackson 2009 Barrett Jackson 2011 Barrett Jackson 2013 Kruse International Rotary International Goodguys Nationals 2003 Goodguys Nationals 2007 Goodguys Nationals 2008 Goodguys Nationals 2010 Central Ave Cruise-In Central Ave Revisited Scottsdale Pavilions Jan 2006 Catch A Wave Show Scottsdale Pavilions (March 2006) Military Vehicle Show Scottsdale Pavilions (December 2007) Tour of a Private Collection 10th Annual Motorsports Day Rosson House Museum 2008 Scottsdale Pavilions Santa Maria West Coast Customs Lowlife Bug Show Big Surf World of Wheels Hydrate the Homeless Cruise on Central 2008 Centennial T-Party Paradise Valley Veterans Car Show Silver Car Auction 2011

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