Casino Arizona Car Show Scottsdale, AZ October 14-16, 2005
Shortly after arriving at the show, a guy looked at Archie and asked, "What is this?" I said, "This is my car!". He said it should be restored. I told him I wanted to restore my convertible instead. So he offered to buy Archie so he could restore him. He said, "How about $5,000?". I said, "No." He said "How about $10,000?" I said, "" Edith Joins In The Fun!
Here's a video from the show (29MB Windows Media) Beater of the Show Award!
Other Beaters and Funny Cars
Some of the other Impalas, Caprices, Biscaynes, etc.
I didn't realize I took his picture, but this is the guy who offered me $10,000 for Archie!
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