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This is a cool car. It belongs to a guy I met at a convenience store. Seemed like a nice guy. All he needs is a little rust and he'll be set.
 Things that come to mind when looking at this car: Raincoats, bananas, caution, taxis.
Check out this beater! Owner must be someone like me...with an appreciation for the truly finer things in life.
This is the coolest car ever made! Well, it would be if it
just had a convertible!
 The license plate on this car says "BAY LUV". That's pretty silly. If it was my car, I would choose "BAT MOBL"
Here's another fine looking GM product.
 This car has a cute butt.
This car held up remarkably well over the years. Looks almost as good as my car!
Not too many Chevys compare to this one. Hell, not too many cars compare to this one!'s an OldsmoBuick Nova!
I used to own one of these, except it was a '74, white with a blue top The stories I could tell. I bet it's still running! Update. We bought a car almost exactly like this one!!
Nice Nova. It's somewhere between a '68 and a '79 I've never been able to distinguish them real well.
Banana Speedboat!
Chevelle 454 SS
Green Chevelle
A Firebird worth writing home about!
I saw this parked by Home Depot It's the same color as the Home Depot sign!
Another car parked at another Home Depot
Sharp car!
A little dirty, but it sure looks road worthy.
Almost a Chevelle.
Is this the grim reaper's car?
Plug 'n' play front end!
More spare parts for the car to the left!!!
Another one of GM's finer creations.
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