On the way from BWI airport to the hotel, the Yahoo directions stopped making sense, so I pulled into a gas station to ask for directions. Before I even made my way to the gas station attendant, this woman approached me and said "Please don't laugh, but I need to ask for your help. My car broke down and I need $5 to get it going again. I have these 2 cans of Raid bug spray that I'll give you." I asked where her car was and she pointed to the honda. I laughed. She said that I said I wouldn't laugh. I said "Do you want the $5 or not?". She said "Ok". So I asked what was wrong with the car (not that I could, or would want to, fix a honda). She said someone put sugar in her gas tank. Don't these cars have a locking door over the gas fill tube? Wasn't it possible that she just blew her engine because she's driving a honda? Did she have the gasoline chemically analyzed to confirm the presence of sugar? Ok, so let's assume that her car is broke because someone put sugar in her tank. HOW WILL $5 HELP?? She was clearly just desparate for some cash, so I offered to help her out. She insisted on giving us the bug spray. I told her that was not necessary, but she handed it to my daughter anyway while I reached in my pocket for some cash. As I was about to hand her the money, she said "I'm going to give you my address and tomorrow you can come and get some fresh crabs and your $5 too." I pulled the money back and said "No, if I give you this money, you'll just take it and go, right?" That was fine with her, so I gave her the $5. Geez I'm a nice guy! So, having forgot to ask for directions because I knew I had to get a photo of her car, I was still lost. She made her way across the street to another gas station where she was about to pester someone else. (I'm not sure if she had more bug spray or not.) I drove over there and asked her "Hey, as long as I gave you $5, why don't you tell me where my hotel is." I told her the name of it and she started trying to tell me where to go, but it wasn't making a lot of sense, so she said "I'll tell you what...I'm going to get in your car and drive there with you". Like hell she will! I said "I'll tell you what...No You're Not!" Then I snapped the photo of her that nearly broke the camera and drove away before she could say another word!

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