This is just after we got on the freeway on the way to the airport. This was just about 1 mile later... the first broke down car of the trip! In the parking lot at the airport. This truck needs dentures! Here's where I parked. View of ASU from the plane. If you look real hard, you can see cloud nine. I'm sorry, but this here taxicab gives Impalas everywhere a bad name!! This is my bag being searched to make sure Bin Laden isn't hiding in there! Nice shot of the Baltimore/Washington airport This was the worst photo I ever took Then I took an even worse one when I photographed the alleged owner. (Read the whole story here) View from the hotel room. The sign says "Stay In Lane" This driver says "No!" Cool looking bridge Great old beater on the streets of D.C. I think this is part of the Smithsonian Institute. Dept. of Agriculture Big stick in the sky The only witness to Chandra Levey's murder. It was WAY too hot to be doing this! This is that guy in the chair. I bet he's got an excellent view from up there! Beer there's a safe idea! I wonder if this thing gets better milegae than my car. One small photo for man... Here's a D.C. cop issuing a parking ticket! It's hard to tell, but this ambulance is screaming by with the siren on and its lights flashing. Old Caddy Overheating 'heating and air conditioning' van!!!! Hmmm... Broke down Broke down Broke down Broke down No license plate Not sure what this is, but I don't think it's a 350 motor from 1972! Bungee! Crunch! Bungee Crunch!! No comment (see the voting booth) This made the whole trip worth it!! Huh? I can't hear you! I'm busy not watching how close I'm hammering to my foot The sign says "No Stopping..." It doesn't say "Stop to make sure your mattress didn't fall off yet"!! No, it's not in the cemetery... it's in front of it. Broke down Not broke down! The owner of this car said he knows a guy with an Olds that has over 600,000 original miles! Olds 98 They were trying to start this heap as I drove by. They weren't having any luck! Cool car. But what's the sleeping bag for? Mean looking ride Broke down Primer seems to keep the rust away! Still looks good All this truck needs is to hit one good bump! Broke down What a job...standing in the middle of a busy road! Also at the BWI airport. This guy was making announcements over the intercom. Nobody could understand a word he was saying, even though we were pretty sure he was trying to speak English! Hats off to the pilot for giving me such a great smile for the camera!! Getting off the plane, I saw this guy with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. I considered telling him about it, but it was much more fun to just take a picture!!

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