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This is Edith. Be sure to see Archie, Gloria and Meathead too!
Here is the actual image I saw of the car which made me decide to buy it!
Here's the car on the delivery truck when it arrived.
This is how many bugs Edith can kill in 1,000 miles!
This is how many bugs can kill Edith's paint in 1,000 miles!
Another view of the insect carnage
Dried up, cracked weatherstripping
Stylish trunk label!
Minor crunch
Water damage!
Edith's biggest dent!
Other dent
More photos of Edith!    Edith And Archie Together! Plans for Edith's future: Another oil change. Get the brakes, steering and suspension inspected. Body work & paint job. Replace or repair things that break or fall off. After all this work she'll deserve a vacation to Cancun or maybe a nice Dominican Republic all inclusive trip." Buy Edith Edith is currently for sale for only $112,000! E-mail me if interested. Serious inquiries only! If you're on a budget, you might consider purchasing Archie instead.

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