Archie's Emission Test 2004! Since Gloria passed the test so well, I put her carburetor on Archie for his test. He passed the initial test, but just by a little bit on the hydrocarbons. Hey, that's all it takes, right? Here's the test results.
Gloria's Emission Test 2004! Gloria didn't just pass the test on her first try; she passed with flying hydrocarbons! Her carbon monoxide levels measured in at 0.00%!! That's zero, zilch, nada. Here's the test results. And here's the test results from last year which the previous owner gave me with the car.
Edith's Emission Test 2004! Edith failed the emission test this time, thanks to the lousy carburetor Auto Zone sold me. Check back here later to see if I got Edith to pass the free re-test! Update: Edith finally passed the test! It only took AutoZone 67 days to get me a working carburetor! Turns out, they can get them from Champion, Holley and Tomco...and Tomco was the only place that did a good job Here's the results from the initial test. Here's the results from the passed test. They spelled my license plate wrong and had to correct it with a pen rather than re-printing it. Weird. Cool car along the way Brokedown vehicles along the way
Station Sign Parked at the testing station. Maybe their car failed the test, so they abandoned it here.
A look at the other cars
Seymour Butts!
This guy gets a mask? How come I didn't get one?
Huge Y-adapter!
Edith on the treadmill
 Stranger in my car!
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