Archie's Emission Test 2005! Archie passed his emission test on the first re-test! Here's the test results Mr. Jefferson's Emission Test 2005! Mr. Jefferson passed his emission test on the first try! Here's the test results Gloria's Emission Test 2005! Gloria failed her first two emission tests then passed the third! Because the car did extremely well last year, I put THIS STICKER on the car prior to the test that I failed. Haha. Laugh was on me I guess! Because the car failed the initial test, I put THIS STICKER on the car prior to the retest. Haha. I passed! Check out the forbidden video from the test Here's some photos from the journeys
Cool truck
Brokedown truck
Waiting in line
Funny car
Initial test results First retest results Final test results They first failed me for a CO problem which turned out to be a vacuum leak, but also for a PCV and evaporative canister problem. I thought I had that all worked out but failed the 2nd test because there was a piece of tape on my breather tube. Duh! They really work the car hard during the test. I think they simulate the car accelerating up a steep hill while towing a small city. The engine was smoking when they were done. I thought it was going to blow up right then and there. But it waited until I got home. Meathead's Emission Test 2005! Meathead failed his first test. And if that wasn't enough, he wouldn't start after the test, so we had to push him out of the building. This was very soon after I put a bumper sticker on the car. Hehe. The engine was just flooded. No biggie. Adjusted the mixture screws and went through the free re-test and passed! Here's the test results. Edith's Emission Test 2005! Edith passed the test rather uneventfully this time. Sorry... Here's the test results.
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