Archie's Trip to Flagstaff, Arizona Also see Gloria's trip and Edith's trip to Flagstaff!
Archie's biggest trip in 15 years! 300 miles total from Phoenix to Flagstaff and back again. The trip went just fine, but when I got back and checked my oil, it was over 3 quarts low. Oops! Archie!
Archie's new hood ornament! From the trophy I won at this show.
I didn't do it...I swear!
You know there's got to be a good joke here somewhere.
Sorry, too busy watching THE ROAD!
Roadside Service. Thanks, but I won't be needing that. Brokedown!
Old Cars Along The Way!
Beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona!
Also see Edith's photo in this same spot!
The end of the road.
Hallowee Party!
That must have been quite a storm! Jewelry for Sale! Scenic Wallpapers (1024 x 768 pixels) If you prefer BMP wallpapers, see my wallpaper page.
Sun Dial!

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