Only a few months after getting Gloria, she was the victim of a crime. A vandal threw a rock through the rear window while she sat parked in front of our home. I don't think that the loser who did it was targeting Gloria in particular, because a few streets away there was a toyota that had a similar hole in its rear window as well. I sold the rock on Ebay for $21.50 plus shipping! Here's what the auction looked like. Here's a few attractive wallpapers of the broken glass!
(800 x 600) - (1024 x 768)
(800 x 600) - (1024 x 768)
Window to the world
The rock!
It's such a small hole, you can hardly notice it.
Archie through the looking glass
This little bit of rust might make it hard to find a glass shop willing to work on the car.
A random shot.
While I didn't witness the assault on the car, I figure the guy probably looks something like this: If you spot him, be sure to notify the authorities! More photos Photos from the junk yard where I got the replacement glass Brokedown cars on the way to get the glass and other supplies Cool cars along the way Space Age Paint - Good place to get body fasteners like reveal molding clips Here's a Windows Media clip of me smashing out the rest of the window.

Window is fixed. Here's a photo
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