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What a fine automobile!!!!
No, he's not having car trouble. He raised his hood to show me his engine. Click the photo to see it! It's probably a little faster than mine.
This is almost just like my car. Only it must be a lot newer because the wheel covers haven't fallen off yet.
Here's a '72 Impala wagon which I had the pleasure of rummaging through for spare parts. It belongs to a real nice guy who works at Intel. Check out the spare tire!!
Another Impala, surviving the elements for all these years
This was the first time someone confronted me while I was taking pictures of their car. He wanted to make sure I didn't photograph his face, but said it was okay to photograph his car.
This Impala must have really got nailed. No shopping cart could cause this!
Sad day for a fellow Impala owner.
Sweet ride.
That's four old Impalas in a row! I'm not alone!
What a fine looking '72 Caprice!
Yet another old Impala still on the road!
This belongs to the guy who replaced my rear springs, upper ball joints, shocks and some of the bushings.
It's amazing how many different looks the Impala went through over the years.
Another Impala
A convertible Impala
Brief glimpse of a '73 driving away
Another Impala
Another Impala
'71 Caprice ragtop
Another old Impala as seen through my windshield
This belongs to a guy who works at Brake Masters.
This belongs to a guy who works at Checker Auto What a nice car!
This car had the loudest alarm I've ever heard. But hey, he still owns his car, so I guess it's okay.
I'd be surprised if this car had never won a car show.
No comment necessary.
Of course it looks better than my car... It's a whole year newer!!
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