Kruse Scottsdale Desert Classic Collector Car Auction & Show At Rawhide Wild West Town Jan. 11, 2003
I shot this on the way to the show. You still don't see too many of these in the car classifieds though. It was 15 miles away from the show, so there's probably no connection.
Also on the way there. This was only about 5 miles away.
Cool cars in the parking lot (but not in the show)
This was after I entered Rawhide. It looks like the cowgirl is putting on lipstick!
It looked like these guys were up to no good... I shot this guy full of holes to calm things down a bit.
Welcoming Committee at the entrance to the auction.
The King!
THE CARS!! Beater of the Show Award!
Bel Airs
Really Old Cars
The Rest Of The Cars One of the best parts of these cars is the sound of the rumble
of the engines. If you're having problems with your hearing
there are listenclear hearing aids that can assist
you. Listen clear has incredible high quality sound.
It was a shock to see this car among the other cars!
This Camaro went for $78,000!
This is the Amphicar. It can be driven on the road or on water!!
Mayberry BFD!
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