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Latest Car Update!! 10-19-10

Archie totaled...again!

Archie got totaled again. Here's the story.

Previous Car Update!! 2-16-09

Archie has miraculous breakdown!

Archie broke down today. And it was a miracle. How, you might ask? I've been driving him all over town the last few days. Yesterday alone, he drove at least 125 miles. Today, just as I pulled in my driveway after driving about 50 miles, he sputtered a little. I tapped the gas pedal a couple times to muster up the last oomph he had left, giving him just enough propulsion to park right at the front of the driveway where I always park. Literally, the car took me all the way home, down to the very last inch, before quitting completely and shutting off, even though there were no symptoms or warning signs until I turned into my driveway. The chances of this happening where it did must have been one in a billion. I replaced the ignition coil and ignition module and he started right up again, so it was one of those parts. Should be smooth sailing for the next 50,000 miles or so...

Previous Car Update!! 11-12-08

Archie hits 350,000 miles!

Archie soars past 350,000 miles without skipping a beat. In fact, he passed his emission test even easier then the previous year! Here's the results from the test.

Previous Car Update!! 10-25-06

Archie insulted on national news!

Archie was called "crappy" on ABC News. Here's the video.

Previous Car Update!! 07-25-06

Archie snaps!

Archie's passenger side upper ball joint snapped in two while driving down the road just moments ago. Thankfully, it happened when I was just about home. I limped the car another 50 feet, then around a corner, then into my driveway before pretty much losing control. I'll replace it tonight. I should also check out the condition of the other parts to make sure nothing got damaged too bad. Update: Archie fixed! Here is a photo of the ball joint.

Previous Car Update!! 04-19-06

Archie's rear falls apart!

Months and months after I began hearing a noise from the rear end, which I assumed was from a bad tire, the rear end started clunking and squealing. So I drove home and pulled the differential cover. I never messed around in there before, but it was easy to see that the carrier bearings were shot. Here's a photo of the guts before the repair. When I took out the gears, I noticed that one of the bearings was missing a roller and the ring gear was missing a bolt! The new bearing came with all the rollers, but I couldn't find the bolt anywhere so I put it back together with the missing bolt, which is the way I assume it has been for almost 250,000 miles. Here's a photo of the missing bolt.

Previous Car Update!! 08-13-05

Bottle Thrown At Archie

A passenger in a gold Suburban threw a bottle at Archie today as I was driving down the road. They just missed the car. How do you miss a 22 foot car? I only got the first 3 digits of their license plate. I think it was 463. So stay away from them, in case their aim gets any better. Here's some photos of the bottle which smashed all over the place: 1, 2, 3.

Previous Car Update!! 05-17-05

False Alarm

Turned out to just be condensation in the engine, not a blown head hasket I guess. Archie has been running like a top.

Previous Car Update!! 1-24-05

Archie Blows A Head Gasket!!

I checked my oil and there were drops of water all over the dipstick. The radiator isn't low, so it must just be a pinhole. He still drives fine. I'll drive him until I feel like replacing the head gaskets or until the engine dies! Stay tuned!

Previous Car Update!! 11-25-04

Archie's Big Drive!!

Archie endured his biggest drive in 15 years! See the photos here.

Previous Car Update!! 11-07-04

Archie Wins A Trophy!

Archie and Gloria won trophies at yesterday's All-Chevy car show!

Previous Car Update!! 10-20-04

Waxing Archie!

Using rubbing compound and wax, I am trying to improve the appearance of Archie's paint! It sure is a lot of work. Here's a photo of the work in progress.

Previous Car Update!! 5-29-04

New Tires!

I took Archie to Discount Tire for a set of tires. The guy at the counter said he had to go look at the car. I told him I knew which tires I needed. But he said they have a new policy whereby he has to look at the car. So we walk into the parking lot and he asks which car is mine. I said "The ugly one". He thought for a moment and said "The Jeep?". Lol. the Jeep only looked a few years old and was in fine shape. So I said "No, but that's a nice choice". When I showed Archie to him, he said that it's not an ugly car. He started talking about all the great things he could do with such a car. It appears that his coworkers didn't share the same feelings about the car. They all smiled, giggled and even laughed histerically while working on the car. At least one of them even played with Mini Me. After they pulled him out of the garage, everyone's face went back to normal as they continued work on all the ordinary vehicles.

Previous Car Update!! 4-5-04

No news is good news!

Archie has been doing pretty well lately. I did an oil change and put in some Champion spark plugs that my neighbor gave me. Oh, and I had my drums and rotors turned and replaced my brake shoes and pads.

Previous Car Update!! 1-15-04

Archie's Big Move!

Archie moved all my stuff from an apartment into my new house. Here's the photos. He got a set of hand-me-down tires from Edith. Here's a photo from Discount Tire that you should really have a look at. Only 5,000 more miles and Archie hits the big 300,000 mark!

Previous Car Update!! 11-13-03

Passed the test!

Archie passed his emission test a few days ago. Read all about it.

Previous Car Update!! 11-7-03

Failed emissions!

Archie failed his emission test a few days ago. So I changed the spark plugs and wires and the air filter and breather filter and cleaned the pvc valve and added some "Guaranteed to make you pass" to the gas tank. If you see no further updates by the end of November, assume I passed the free re-test.

Previous Car Update!! 4-23-03

Repair & Maintenance!

I finally did something about the wobbly rear wheels. I was hoping it was just the wheel bearings. They did have a little bit of play in them. But also the axles were bent. And the shop couldn't locate replacements. So I rented this SUV and drove to a junk yard to get some axles. Here's a photo I took along the way. Then I replaced my rear drums and shoes. Oh, and I did a long overdue oil change recently too.

Previous Car Update!! 4-14-03

The Car's Fourth Show!!

I entered my car in its fourth show last Saturday! See the photos!

Previous Car Update!! 3-31-03

The Car's Third Show!!

I entered my car in its third show today! See the photos!

Previous Car Update!! 3-23-03

The Car's Second Show!!

I entered my car in its second show today! See the photos!

Previous Car Update!! 2-22-03

The Car's First Show!!

I entered my car in its first show today! See the photos!

Previous Car Update!! 1-16-03

Still Runs!!

Currently no car trouble to report. I went to a car show and took some great photos of some really cool old cars. There's another one this weekend that I might go to as well (Barrett-Jackson). Check back soon!

Previous Car Update!! 11-13-02

Brakes no longer broke!!

I finally replaced the brake power booster at about 282,000 miles. This was because it was getting to the point that, the harder I would press on the brake, the less braking power I would get! But at least it's finally fixed. Warning: Don't tailgate me!

Previous Car Update!! 11-04-02

Passed Emissions!!

Check out the results!!!

Previous Car Update!! 10-18-02

Tranny finished!

I got the car back after the tranny rebuild. It seems to shift late from second to third. Bummer. I'll call them tomorrow and see if they want me to bring it by for them to look at.

Previous Car Update!! 10-17-02

Tranny getting rebuilt today and tomorrow!

It's about time! Check back to see how it went. Also, I replaced my broken door handle yesterday! It only took 2 hours!

Previous Car Update!! 10-02-02

Find me a good mechanic!

Had to do a little preventative maintenance lately. Ok, in all honesty, some of it was repairative maintenance as well.
Replaced both battery cables, the battery and the starter. Then, a week after finally replacing the passenger side motor mount which has been broken for about 10 years, the driver's side mount broke again. Nice to know the engine has enough power to keep doing that I guess. Now I have 2 new mounts in there. Next time I might try solid motor mounts instead of the standard rubber ones.

Replaced my ignition switch yesterday since it was getting hard to get the key to turn. I paid a guy to do it cause I never did it before and wasn't entirely sure how to do it. Well, he wasn't entirely sure how to do it either. So we both learned how to do it together. But first we leanred how not to do it. We dropped the steering column, and took it apart too far. Now my gearshift is messed up. When in park, it says it's in reverse. When in reverse, it says it's in drive. When it's in drive, it says it's in L1. Hehe. But hey, it Still Runs!!!

Who here remembers me getting my entire front end replaced and aligned back in February? Well, the brand new front tires I got after doing all that work are almost completely worn on the outside edges. Boy did I get ripped off! The car is going through tires just as fast as before I had all that work done...maybe faster!
Anyone know an aligment specialist in Phoenix who has at least a few dozen brain cells?

Previous Car Update!! 8-31-02

New Exhaust!

I had the exhaust system repaired today, complete with new pipes and a new muffler. I think it was still the original muffler on there. Thanks to the folks at RufRoad Brakes & Mufflers! 2033 W. University - Mesa, AZ 85201

Previous Car Update!! 8-30-02


I replaced the passenger side motor mount last night. $8 for the mount. It doesn't drive any better, but at least it's a little safer.

Previous Car Update!! 8-27-02


The car hasn't sputtered in days! I think it's fixed! And we upgraded the ignition to HEI today! It didn't go that smoothly. Had to run all over town trying to find the right screws for the coil (why don't they come with the coil or the cap?) Then, once the car was running with the new ignition, we couldn't turn the distributor far enough to get the timing right because the vacuum advance was hitting the intake manifold. So I rotated the distributor 45 degrees clockwise, then moved each of the plug wires counter-clockwise by one position. That allowed me to adjust the timing to peak performance. So who wants to race me now? Hehe. (see the HEI photos here)

Previous Car Update!! 8-22-02

Still running sluggish

After all I did, plus replacing the carburetor, the car still sputters sometimes. But I think I know just what it needs. Its very own spot at the junk yard!

Previous Car Update!! 8-10-02

The car almost stalled!

The car was running a little sluggish last night, almost like it was about to stall. But it didn't. This morning, I got to work on it. I replaced the points, condensor, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, pcv valve, breather filter, spark plugs, oil, and transmission fluid. Added ZMax to the engine, tranny and fuel tank (supposed to be a really great product). Seems to drive nice again.

Previous Car Update!! 7-21-02

Keeping the ball rolling...

Just to keep things interesting, I had a guy weld the frame together again. It had been split clean through, right near the rear bumper, pretty much ever since I got the car (see before and after photo). After welding the bumper back where it belonged, the trunk wouldn't close, so I had to bend the lip of the trunk out a bit using a pair of vice grips.

I've been meaning to upgrade the car to HEI (electronic ignition), but I just keep putting it off. If someone donates $5 in the next week, I'll upgrade the car to HEI by the end of August. Just think, only $5 and you'll be improving the environment considerably...and saving me lots of gas money, and making my car go faster! What could be better? (The whole job will probably cost $125-$150).

Also, see the 1973 Impala in the news!

Previous Car Update!! 6-17-02

This is no fun!

Nothing's going wrong with my car anymore. It makes my news updates pretty darn boring. Keep your fingers crossed everybody...something's bound to fall off sooner or later!

Previous Car Update!! 3-28-02

Gearbox replaced. The car handles like new!

I replaced the steering gearbox today. Wasn't too bad of a job, except that when I had it about 80% apart, a guy drove up and told me I couldn't work on my car there. He said that the owner was coming in about 30 minutes and he'd be upset and would have me towed away! I asked why he'd be so upset. He said it's because they just paid a bunch of money to have the lot resurfaced. Big Deal! It's a parking lot! Dirt and oil and stuff will end up there even if I didn't work on my car there! It's not like I drained my crankcase onto the lot, though I'm tempted to go back and do it one day, hehe. After that guy left, I pulled the car up about 40 feet from where I started the job, so just in case the owner showed up, there wouldn't be any spillage whatsoever under the car. power steering lines were disconnected, so I made a 40 foot long trail of steering fluid leading right to the place where I ended up finishing the job. The job was complete enough for me to drive it somewhere else to tighten all the bolts before the owner showed up.

Previous Car Update!! 3-22-02

Smooth sailing.

Did about 80 miles of highway driving last weekend. The speed limit was 75 mph most of the way, but I only maintained that speed for a little while, just to make sure the car still goes that fast! At 55 mph (and pretty much ONLY at 55 mph) one of the tires shakes a little. I already replaced a bent rim (with what turns out to be a pretty much equally bent rim). Or is it a bad tire? I'll find out when I have the tires rotated and re-balanced.

Also, someone finally showed me where the remaining play in my steering wheel is coming from! I need a new gearbox. I'll probably replace it next week.

Previous Car Update!! 2-16-02

Front end repair complete...more or less.

I spent six days having my suspension system repaired. Saturday, I replaced the center link and tie rods myself. Sunday, I brought the car to a friend of a friend who is a mechanic. He owns a '65 Impala and had done the same work to his car which I requested he do to mine. He replaced both of my upper ball joints, my rear coil springs, the 2 rear bushings that mount to the differential (but not the other six rear bushings), and all four shocks. It was getting late, so we decided to call it a day. Monday, I brought the car to Brake Masters and asked them to replace the lower left ball joint (the lower right ball joint is still in good condition), the front lower control arm bushings, and the front coil springs. (I had replaced the front upper control arm bushings about a year ago, so they should still be fine). Tuesday, I brought the car to Pep Boys to get four new tires and a front-end alignment. They replaced the tires but said they didn't have the specs for a 72 Chevy, so they couldn't align it. They recommended Network Alignment a few blocks away. They aligned the front end, and told me the car was ready to go! Not true. The car pulled to the left. And, by the time I got home, I noticed a noise coming from the front left coil spring. Turns out, Brake Masters didn't install the spring properly, so it wasn't seated the way it should be. Wednesday, I took the car back to Brake Masters and they put the spring in correctly. Then I took it back to Network Alignment and had them re-align it. They test drove it and said it's no longer pulling to the left. Not true! When I drove away, it still pulled to the left! No point in bringing it back to Network Alignment, as they already had two chances to make it drive straight. Thursday, I swapped the front tires and it now drives straight! BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES! Oh, I also replaced the original alternator. It still worked, but after 30 years and 270,000 miles, it started making a little noise.

Previous Car Update!! 1-17-02

Front end repair might be started soon!

I started buying the parts necessary to replace pretty much the entire suspension system. So far, I bought shocks, springs, bushings and ball joints. I still need to buy a center link and tie rod ends. But they're covered under warranty, so they'll be free! A friend of a friend of mine is a mechanic and said he'd do the work for only $250! But then I need tires and an alignment. Stay tuned...

Previous Car Update!! 12-17-01

Oh My God!

After hitting what was unquestionably a poorly placed curb this morning, and having a little sagging from those old coil springs, and because the $10 shock was worn, and because there's a 14" tire on the other side of the car instead of a 15" like the rest of the car, I managed to snap a control arm today. Oh my god! Good thing it didn't happen at 60 mph. Ok, so there's no curbs on the freeway, but you're missing my point. The car is pretty much undrivable right now...for the first time in a long time. And I had just put a new bumper sticker on the back of the car which reads, "Osama In Trunk". So I really need to get back out there in traffic! Stay Tuned!!!

Later that same day...I got it fixed. As unpleasant as it seemed, taking the car to a mechanic, I didn't have a whole lot of choices if I wanted the car running right away (and how could I want anything else). So the guys at Brake Masters replaced the control arm, bushings, a shock and a spring. The new spring is about an inch longer than the one on the other side, so I swapped the 14" tire with the 15" tire, and it sits as level as can be! It was about $290 and worth every penny! I think that was the closest my car ever came to being totaled! Let's hope there's brighter days ahead!

Previous Car Update!! 09-10-01 (The Brake Job From Hell...Completed On An Ominous Date)

The brake light came on and the brake pedal went almost all the way to the floor last week, so I replaced the master cylinder. To my chagrin, that did not fix the problem. However, when bleeding the brakes, I noticed that a wheel cylinder had exploded in the right rear. So I replaced it. But I couldn't fully bleed the brakes because my front right bleeder screw was stuck. So I replaced the caliper. The new caliper leaked. Turns out I forgot to put one of the brake hose washers back on. So I fixed that leak. Then I noticed that my new master cylinder is leaking. So I went to Autozone to get a new master cylinder. Got 2 more leaky master cylinders from Autozone before realizing it was leaking because I was overfilling it (I think). So I took the car to Brake Masters. They tried for over an hour to bleed the brakes but they couldn't get the sponginess out of the pedal. They figured it has to be the proportioning valve (a part which isn't offered anymore at the aftermarket stores). Plus they think my power booster is bad. Please, people...if you see me coming, get out of my least until I get the brakes fixed, which I hope to do over the next week or so.

Okay, Brake Masters replaced the poroprtioning valve and told me that it was the problem. They did get the brake light to turn off, but the pedal still goes down too far and is real spongy. So I bought 2 rebuilt calipers and another wheel cylinder. (Why 2 calipers? Because the junk yard caliper I bought last week didn't work too well, causing the car to pull to the left when stopping). I'll put those parts on tonight. When I'm done, I will have replaced every part of the hydraulic system except for the brake lines and hoses (the hoses are only a few years old and should be okay). Can the brake lines ever go bad? I also plan on getting a power booster. The bearings, drums, shoes, rotors and pads are in good shape, so it should start feeling like brand new brakes real soon!!!! Stay tuned...

Finally...for the first time since I've owned the car (1988), the brakes work the way they're supposed to! I ended up having to replace both calipers, both wheel cylinders, proportioning valve, master cylinder. Plus, I adjusted the rear brakes and bled the system over and over again.

Previous Car Update!! 06-22-01

The rear view mirror fell off the windshield as I drove over a set of train tracks a few weeks ago. I should probably wait until I replace the coil springs and shocks before I mount the mirror again, or else it'll just fall off again when I hit a good bump.

Also, my blinker cam fell apart a few days ago. And I had just replaced it about a year ago. Looks like plastic technology took a wrong turn somewhere since 1972! I need to fix it real soon. It won't be pretty if some of the loose pieces cause my steering wheel to lock up! I like being able to steer! It's my favorite part of driving besides accelerating and stopping!

Previous Car Update!! 04-16-01

While rounding a left turn, my battery fell off its little tray, causing the battery cable to be pulled against the hot exhaust manifold. Almost immediately after that, the insulation melted through and the battery shorted out. I disconnected the battery as quickly as I could. Then I let the engine cool so I could peel the wire off the hot manifold. Then I hooked the battery back up, started the car, and drove away. The car didn't even blow a fuse!

Previous Car Update!! 02-20-01

Replaced the water pump (and coolant). It was making a little noise (the water pump...not the coolant). Plus, the car was overheating every once in a while after leaking out some of the coolant. So far so good. It hasn't leaked any or overheated. And it only cost a few dollars for coolant since I have a lifetime warranty on the pump (last replaced in 1991). The car is performing better right now than the day I bought it...14 years ago!

Previous Car Update!! 02-16-01

Replaced the motor mount yesterday, but it was difficult to find the right part. AutoZone sold me a mount with a clevis that wasn't wide enough. Checker offered the same thing. So I tried several Chevy dealers. One of them had it, but they wanted $45! So I used the Chevy OEM part number and entered it on the AutoZone website search engine. Bingo! It's part number 2267, NOT 2283!!! $10 total for repair! A few days earlier I replaced the transmission mount. It was about $5. The same day, my "temp" light came on. I seem to be leaking anti-freeze from somewhere...most likely from the water pump. I was right in front of a coffee shop, so I got some very hot water to put in the radiator and was on my way. I can't figure out how the warning light turned on, because the wire going to the temp switch on the engine is broken and has been for years. That's really wierd.

Previous Car Update!! 02-12-01

Junk yard drive shaft began falling apart (probably because I hammered it onto the car). So I searched and searched for a solution and found Dick's Drive Shaft, Inc. in Phoenix. They were friendly, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable, fast and most importantly, they know drive shafts! 25 years in the business. I'd recommend them for anyone in need of drive shaft work (if you don't mind taking it off the car yourself...they're a machine shop rather than an auto repair shop). I'd be willing to bet my rear bumper that the new drive shaft will outlast the car itself...but we won't know that for about another 73 years...

Previous Car Update!! 02-07-01

I finally took my car to have the tires replaced and the front end aligned. The mechanic's diagnosis..."Dude, your front end is trashed". And I thought all it needed was those control arm bushings and center link that I replaced. I'll see if I can find the time to replace the ball joints and pitman arm sometime over the next 5 or 10 years. Hell, if my tire wear isn't too bad, I might just leave it. Oh, they also found that one of the shocks I replaced last month came unbolted, tearing off part of its mounting clip. I got a mixed opinion from the mechanics as to whether AutoZone will honor the lifetime warranty. Stay tuned for updates. (1 hour later) Update! I showed the woman at AutoZone my shock absorber. She asked me why I broke it. I said it was because I wanted to see how the car would drive with only 3 shocks. We both laughed and she gave me a free shock!

Previous Car Updates!! 02-04-01

My drive shaft started knocking really bad today. Damn, it was just a little knock yesterday. It didn't get real bad until I was about 1/4 mile from home (and was on my way home), so I drove it home, noting that applying the brakes didn't affect it, nor did putting the car in neutral, or changing gears, or revving the engine. Hence, it's not the engine or the tranny. Then I removed the drive shaft and pushed the car about 10 feet, noting that the noise was gone when I pushed the car. Now I know it's not the differential or the axle or the bearings. $75 drive shaft and it's smooth sailing again. Okay, so it was harder than I thought. The junk yard drive shaft had a rusty spline, so I cleaned up the rust as best I could and used the old drive shaft to hammer the new one into the transmission. The new one pings, but at least it doesn't sound like a helicopter, as the other one did...

When I was at Checker Auto last week buying motor oil, there was a woman in line behind me who told me I should use a different weight of oil. I think she recommended 5w30. Since I'm a nice guy I didn't mention that she seemed like a pretty bad judge of this sort of thing, since the motorcycle she pulled up on had filled the parking lot with the smell of burning oil!! Hehe...

Previous Car Update!! 01-29-01

The car was stolen in the wee hours of the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. The cops found it Monday. I had put a locking gas cap on the car just a few months ago. And there was only about a tablespoon of gas in the tank. So they made it down the block a little, ran out of gas and abandoned the car, stealing the battery. Heck, I needed a new battery anyway! I also bought a Club in hopes that it will deter future attempts to steal the car. I also fixed the driver's side window so that it can be rolled all the way up! For the last 10 years, it would only go up about 60% of the way because a bunch of teeth were missing from the gear segment thing. The junk yard wanted $50. That's too much money for a rusty piece of junk, so I modified mine to use the teeth it does have to roll the window up to the top! Okay, so it only rolls down about 60% of the way, but that's enough room to fit a big mac and a coke through! Most importantly, the car is more secure than it has ever been. Life is good. I'm thinking about putting a kill switch on the ignition. I had one, years ago, but the switch wore out so I removed it (duh).


I figured out who stole my car!
After checking my webstats, I saw that the
U.S. Dept. of Defense has visited my
website numerous times. I have determined
that they borrowed my car to study its
design technology to revolutionize the design
of their tanks! Click here for the stats.

Latest Car Update! 11-12-08

Long overdue update

Edith went to NASCAR with the Arizona Impalas club. Here's the photos. Edith hit 100,000 miles on the way there! I actually had quite a few updates since the last one but they don't always make it to my News page. Join my mailing list or check the New Stuff section of the main page for all the great new fun!

Previous Car Update! 7-22-06

Edith's Takes A Dump!

Edith dumped out all her power steering fluid over the course of a few miles. It came out the bottom of the gearbox. The old Pitman arm was really on there. I broke my neighbor's puller trying to remove it! So I just left it on there. I had a spare one, so I wasn't too concerned. After putting it back together, the steering wheel would bind up a little when turning left. So I adjusted the new gearbox and all seems fine now.

Previous Car Update! 8-13-05

Edith's Big Trip!

Edith drove 3000 miles recently for the National Impala Association 25th Anniversary. Read all about it here.

Previous Car Update! 5-17-05

Edith's A/C blowing cold!!

A buddy of mine charged Edith's A/C and it works like new! Good thing, because summer is almost here. It only cost me $10!

Previous Car Update! 10-20-04

More car shows!

I took Edith to 4 car shows in one day!
Chevy Power   -   AutoZone
Scottsdale Pavilions - Casino Arizona

Previous Car Update! 5-29-04

Emission Test!

Edith failed her initial emission test, thanks in part to the lousy carburetor Auto Zone sold me. I get one free re-test, so maybe she'll still pass without it breaking the bank! Read all about the test here.

Previous Car Update! 4-5-04

"Dave, Dave & Dave!

My neighbor Dave met a guy named Dave at Auto Zone. Dave came to my neighbor's house to replace the timing chain & gear, oil pump and a few other things on Dave's 76 Chevy truck. Dave seemed to really know cars, so I had him check out my fleet of Chevy's. He thought Archie ran ok for a high mileage car. He said Edith was hesitating when you floor the gas pedal and that he could fix it by rebuilding the carb. He rebuilt the carb, but I still got the hesitation. Then I put the carb he rebuilt on Archie. Now Archie has the hesitation. So it's definitely the carb. Time to replace it soon I guess. Here's a photo of Dave working on my carb!

Previous Car Update! 1-15-04


Edith got a new set of heavy duty front shocks, rear air shocks and a new set of tires! I put the shocks on myself, but let someone else do the tire mounting and balancing. Edith's been doing pretty well lately, except one cold morning a week or two ago, she wouldn't start. Of course, even Archie didn't want to start. That's when you know it's cold!

Previous Car Update! 11-13-03

Worn out drive shaft

Edith's drive shaft wore out. It started making clunking sounds. So I took it off the car and brought it to Dick's Drive Shaft Service in Phoenix. It started squeaking a little bit shortly after I put it on the car, but it seems to have subsided, so I think I'm happy.

Previous Car Update! 10-05-03

Another car show

I drove 128 miles to Sedona yesterday for a show at the Highway Cafe. Here's the photos. I also did quite a few things to Edith recently. I installed a working dash clock. I installed some new sill plates and also a new header molding. The carpet was faded and I managed to dye it, which made it look great. I put some fabric dye and water in a spray bottle and just sprayed it on the carpet. I cut a piece of black carpet to fit by the rear window to cover up the rust in the area. I carpeted the trunk. Oh, and I got the car painted! Within a day, it had a scratch from another car door. Within a few weeks, it had a dent from another car door. There's also a mystery scuff about a foot long on the passenger door. I plan on getting the damage repaired once I move out of this crappy apartment complex and into a house...which will hopefully be real soon! Here's some photos of the new paint: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,

Previous Car Update! 07-15-03

New Car Stereo!

I installed a car stereo just like the one Archie has! Bye bye AM radio!

Previous Car Update! 07-06-03

Flushed cooling system.

I flushed out the cooling system yeterday. All I need now is a tranny cooler, and she'll be running about as cool as a car can run in 110 degree temperatures!

Previous Car Update! 07-04-03

Trip to the Grand Canyon!

I drove 502 miles yesterday. Here's the photos.

Previous Car Update! 06-27-03

More maintenance & upgrades

Changed the oil (again). Changed the tranny fluid. Upgraded to Pertronix HEI Replaced distributor cap and rotor Replaced spark plugs Replaced spark plug wires

Previous Car Update! 06-15-03

Getting Edith up to snuff!

Things I have done to the car so far: Tightened and welded leaky exhaust; sounds much nicer. Replaced radiator. Replaced radiator cap. Replaced coolant. Replaced water pump. Replaced lower radiator hose. Replaced battery tray. Replaced battery. Replaced gasoline. Replaced breather filter. Replaced pcv valve. Added seat covers to protect seats from sunlight. Moved dash cover from my other car to this car. Added a Club (tm) type of device. Added locking gas cap. Repaired broken door lock. Performed oil change.

Previous Car Update! 06-11-03

Edith's first car show!

I drove the car about 110 miles (one way) to Prescott for a car show, just a few days after buying it. It did very well. No flat tires, no breakdowns.

Previous Car Update! 06-08-03

Purchased Edith!

I bought Edith from a nice guy in Oregon. The car was in really great shape when I got it, except for a few dents and dings on the body.

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