The Arizona Impalas' Regional Convention of the National Impala Association November 8-11, 2007 Fountain Hills, AZ

On the way to the hotel, Archie and I stopped for a few photos at Grady Gammage Auditorium at Arizona State University (ASU). The auditorium was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and was intended to be used in Baghdad, Iraq. But Saddam Hussein decided to go with a different design, so ASU ended up with the building. From the sky, the building allegedly looks like a figure 8.

Video from the convention
(60MB Windows Media Video - WMV)
At the hotel...

This is at the new Holiday Inn in Fountain Hills, AZ. It is in such a great location, right across the street from the world's largest fountain. This was the hub for the convention. Some great cars and some really fine people were in attendance. When I got to the hotel, some cars (and people) were already there. The convention was deliberately intended to coincide with one of the largest Arts & Crafts Fairs in the region (photos of that below).

On the way to Rock Springs...

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At Rock Springs Cafe

We set it up ahead of time with the cafe that we would stop here on our way to Sedona, enjoy an already-prepared buffet and then be on our way. But when we got there, they never heard of us, so we had to order our food and wait for it to be cooked.

Among the great cars in the convention were a 1958 Impala, a 1969 Impala Convertible, a 1960 4-door 409 Impala, another 1969 Impala, a 1965 Impala, two 1966 Impala Convertibles, a 1963 Impala, a 1962 Impala Convertible, a 1966 Impala hard top, a 1964 Impala and of course my 1972 Impala(s)!

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On the way to Sedona
(The rest of the 'On the way to Sedona' photos)

Car Show in Sedona
While we were having the show, a gold 1966 Impala pulled up. It was a very nice car. Be sure to see all the great photos from this show!
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Downtown Sedona
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Show 'n' Shine at the Hotel
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Arts & Crafts Fair
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Scottsdale Pavilions

I've been to this weekly car show a number of times, but this time I had the privelage of pulling up with a 1958 Impala, a 1960 Impala and a 1969 Impala Convertible! Just before leaving from this show, a beat up Edsel pulled up next to Edith. The driver opened his door right into Edith's door, chipping the paint down to the metal! He's pretty lucky it was my car and not one of the $100,000 cars at the show! Edith was one of the few cars at the show that already had a few dings and scratches. I asked one of the guys who polices the show if he could tell the owner of the Edsel to be more careful next time, but he said "That's between you and him". I found that surprising because those guy love to pick on people for other stuff, like playing your radio or trying to advertise things or trying to sell your car or parking in the wrong section or parking crooked, etc etc. But apparently it's not against their rules to slam your door into the car next to yours when you pull in!
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Riverboat cruise on Saguaro Lake While it looks like a paddle wheel boat, it actually has a Chevy 350 motor powering it!
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