More great photos: My Car, Funny Cars, Brokedown Cars, Old Cars, Car Shows In case you're in the market for another car, this should give you a good idea how the different makes and models will hold up in an accident. I believe I have most or all of these cars beat in terms of durability. There's only one car I know of which could demolish mine. I think it was the Imperial. I heard they were banned at demolition derbies because no other car could beat them. Next Page Check out this honda. Then check out the stickers and the license plate frame on the back!!
Here's a nissan or toyota. Based on the damage, I'd say it hit a shopping cart. In fact, it looks like the shopping cart held up better than the car!
Here's a honda which appears to have hit something which was pretty soft. Perhaps it was another honda. Never buy a car which has "duh" in the name!!
If this Thunderbird hit a car like mine, I'm sure it drove away without a scratch. If, however, it ran into a small nissan or something, you can bet that someone spent some time in the hospital...and I bet it wasn't the occupants of the T-bird!
This is a pretty good sized car. Damage like this to a big steel bumper usually indicates a fairly serious collision. I'd hate to see the other car.
Boy, they sure don't build them like they used to. This car didn't last very long.
Surprisingly enough, the owner of the Caprice here didn't drive away from the accident. I imagine they could have, but elected to have a mechanic look it over first. The other cars involved will probably never drive again.
This is an old Impala which appears to have been hit by a compact car at about 40 mph. Either that, or it was hit by a shopping cart.
Another compact car falls victim to a shopping cart.
This is no way to treat a new mini-van. Note the string used to tie down the hood. And I thought that tactics such as these were reserved for old beaters like mine!
Dented hood, doughnut on right front. Pretty sad honda...
How do you do this to a car? Did a faulty tire cause it? Did it crash?
Another old boat, undaunted by its minor battle scars.
Sideswiped Plymouth. I bet the door doesn't open too well.
Here's another car which looks like the door would be hard to open.
This could very well be the mustang I crashed into, since it is frequently parked about 100 feet from where I hit it, and also because of the damage on the front. The girl who was driving the mustang I hit told me she gets in a lot of accidents.
This is a fairly new Mark III, you know... one of the plastic ones. I am surprised at how minimal the damage is here. Perhaps it was hit by a bicyclist or a Big Wheel(TM)
I assume that this truck has been in at least one accident. But, since it's perhaps as strong as my car, you really can't see any accident damage...just age damage!
This Pontiac looks like a fairly strong car, so this was probably no small crash.
I could cause this kind of damage to volkwagens all day long with little or no visible damage to my car...if I wanted to that is.
I don't think this Mustang was in an accident. I think it IS an accident. It has been parked at our apartment complex for months in this same condition. Note the puddle of oil and the exhaust system laying on the ground. I'll stick with Chevy.
Was drinking involved? If so, it was probably the driver of the mercedes who was drinking, since it appears that it crossed the center divider. Poor Budeiser van!
It is very rare indeed to find a car which is even approximately the same color as mine. This Camaro is a good match. It's about a '75 I guess...with a dent.
I'm sorry, but this car looks even worse than mine! Bet he'd sell this for a stick of gum and a few stickers.
This car too is very close to the color of my car. Not a bad looking vehicle. If I ever decide to get a compact car, this just might be the one!!
Shake, rattle, roll, ding, twist. Check out my rear view mirror!
This car looks as strong as my car, but it sure doesn't act like it!
New for's the Buick Sideswiper
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