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Looks like this car's glue wore out. Be sure to replace your glue every 30,000 miles
This car is on the accident page because it looks like someone accidentally put paint thinner in the soap dispenser at the car wash
Owner's Manual, page 37: "...never exert a downward force of any kind on the rear bumper. Failure to heed this warning voids warranty!"
Owner's Manual, page 39: "...avoid backing into solid objects of any kind. Failure to heed this warning voids warranty!"
I've used string, rope and wire to hold my bumper on. But I never used a chain!!
Yeah John, you had fun at the party last night. I swear. Go outside and take a look at your car. That should be the proof you need.
Product recall: Return vehicle to dealership immediately. Body inadvertently made out of aluminum foil
Same as photo to the left
Same as photo to the left
There comes a time when one should recognize that their car should be put to rest once and for all!
Estimate for repair from Hank's Service Center: $1200 Estimate for repair from 99¢ Store: 99¢
It's gonna take more than just beauty cream to rub this out.
Mind on phone call plus hand on radio dial plus eyes on pretty girl equals car on sidewalk
Platsic Bumper versus Metal Shopping Cart
How do you see through a window made out of duct tape?
Too much horsepower. Not enough brainpower.
Next time pick on someone your own size!!!
"$100 reward for information leading to the safe return of my bumper!"
This car is called the Holiday. Boy, it must have been one hell of a holiday!
This looks like Ford's version of my car. Appears to have taken quite a beating.
Is this OJ's Bronco?
This accident had just happened when I found it. The cops were still on the scene. Not sure what they hit, but it sure did a number on their bumper!
Didn't they start making these cars just a few years ago? I guess they didn't realize that people might need them to last a little longer than that!
Looks like they crashed into a baseball!
What the still runs.
That's no way to treat your passengers!
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