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79 Chevy that still runs!
I've never seen a car this new look this Old!
Beater, beater, Pumpkin Eater!
How many classic Cadillacs does one person need? I bet this little Ford feels quite intimidated!
I know how this car withstood the test of time... It must be steel plated!
Here's a pretty old Chrysler. On the front is a boat ramp permit from 1967. I wonder if it's still valid.
How many classic Cadillacs does one person need? Wild looking Bel Air
Another old Bel Air in pretty good shape.
This guy was about to walk, God only knows how many miles, to get a heater hose clamp. Lucky for him, I had a spare one in my trunk ever since I removed the hoses going to and from my heater core! Check out his cute dog.
Time warp...this car looks like new!
This car deserves the name Banana Boat more than any car I've ever seen!
Wow, another yellow vehicle. Looks like a cross between a minivan and a school bus!
1927 Ford This guy can have if he wants it, as long as he'll keep my car's stuff on the site somewhere!
This car was broke down when I stumbled upon it. It just needed an upper radiator hose.
Look at the reflection of the pink Cadillac.
New owner needed. Pimps preferred!
Mix & Match body parts!
I'm not sure if I should challenge this car to a race...or a demolition derby!
Is this one of those kit cars? If so, I bet the postage is murder!
This car is missing the most important line of defense... The Rear Bumper!!
Beverly Hills Cop IV
Rag beater
Why would someone put honda wheels on a big car like this one?
This car is cool. But they need to break it in a little. Where's the dents and scratches?
Wow. This is almost the same as the last car, only this one's not moving.
If it was a Chevy, I think I'd be jealous!
It's not my car, but it sure makes my car's site look cool!!!!
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