Rotary International District 5510 Cars, Planes, Motorcycles & Trains March 8th, 2003 Commemorative Air Force, Falcon Field - Mesa, AZ On the way to the show
This truck has an alternative fuel license plate. And then they have mud flaps that say Diesel Power. That's pretty odd.
I wasn't seeing many old cars on the way to the show, so I pulled into a Home Depot parking lot. I knew I'd find something there worthy of a picture.

In the parking lot at the show

Someone rescue me...please! Aircraft

They had more motorcycles, but this was the one that begged to have its picture taken
Shot while standing on this Chevy!

The Cars!! Beater of the Show Award!



This is the coolest car ever made. My Impala is my dream boat, but this is my dream car!!




The rest of the cars

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