Archie springs a leak!


 Archie's valve cover gaskets needed replacing. They would have been ok, but I needed to borrow some of the hold-down tabs for Meathead. That was a bad idea. Apparently, they are needed to seal the covers. The day after I removed them, I was at the drive through at the bank when smoke began billowing up from under Archie's hood. So I decided to repair it, rather than leave a trail of overly-toxic smoke everywhere I go. I already had a Felpro gasket set for Meathead's restoration, so I stole the valve cover gaskets from there. The valve covers were extremely dirty and greasy as was the rest of the motor. To keep all that garbage from falling into the motor, I cleaned up the areas around the valve covers. And since I was going to be cleaning the covers, I figured I might as well strip them and paint them as well. I think the motor looks a little funny now. You be the judge. See the before and after photos below.


Before After

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