Meathead's Big Journey! 600 miles round trip to Las Vegas and back to see Rush in concert two nights in a row! July 27 & 28, 2007 Here's a little something I found in the tour book which has personal meaning to me...and my cars! Note: This page serves as a memorial to the police officer and newsmen who tragically lost their lives on July 27th. See video for details. Watch the trip video! Warning: Video contains the good, the bad...and yes, even the ugly! First photo of the trip. What a Suns fan! Meathead in various poses
Hoover Damn!!
This looks dangerous!
Bush and a rock, not to be confused with Bush in Iraq.
Attention: You could win Archie! Just find this rock, along the road between Phoenix and Las Vegas. Present this rock to me and you can have Archie, free and clear! Hint: It's near the bush. Las Vegas! Here's the 8th floor parking garage where I parked Meathead. When I took these photos, I left my car keys on the ledge and forgot to take them when I left! After tracing all my steps, I managed to find them. What a relief that was!
The hotel room
View from the hotel room
View from the hotel room
Funny Las Vegas Impalas!
Rush license plate - Photo courtesy of Rolinda Nasty accident a few miles before the end of the trip.
Old Cars & Trucks!
Impala for sale!
Even as this car is almost completely obscured, I was able to easily identify the 75 Malibu while eating at Denny's.
So I went in closer for a few photos...
Brokedown Stuff!
Miscellaneous Stuff!
Smoke stacks: The best way to show people you're a redneck from a mile away!
Cool license plate to stumble upon on my trip!
Dirt Fetish Mafia!
Of all the stuff I saw on my trip, this was the funniest, and it happened less than 1/2 mile from the end of my trip! I heard what sounded like a street sweeper coming up behind me. It was making a HUGE whoooshing sound. Then I saw this...

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