November 19, 2007

Someone stole Archie's stereo in broad daylight! He was parked near a customer's residence whose computer I was servicing. I wasn't there but 5 minutes and the stereo was ripped from the dash! Now how pathetic does a person have to be to see a car like Archie and think "Well, there's a golden opportunity"? I think I got the last laugh though. I wrote "Stolen from" on the bottom of the stereo in permanent marker before I installed it...just in case! The thing was on its last legs anyway. I had replaced a worn out drive belt a couple years ago. Almost every time I hit the brakes or a bump in the road, the thing would shut off then come back on a few seconds later. The faceplate was cracked. I re-iterate...what kind of ghetto dwelling, crack baby loser do you need to be to steal an almost completely worthless item from Archie, not to mention risk a felony conviction? Just so you know, the area is one block south of Indian School Road at 20th Avenue in Phoenix, AZ. If anyone wanted to firebomb the whole city block, well let's just say I'll look the other way. Hehe!

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