August 22, 2011 Maude crashes into a Nissan! Unfortunately, the Nissan had a bumper that was stroger than a 94 Gran Am hood! Here's the damage to Maude
After removing the hood so we could drive it home The Cop This car was next to Maude when I arrived on the scene. I thought for sure this was the car that was hit. Wrong! This car was also nearby, but it wasn't involved either!
This is the POS that got in Maude's way!! Archie loaded up to go to the junk yard On the way to the junk yard...a gigantic pink inflatable gorilla wearing a bikini in front of Chapman Chevrolet. In the parking lot at the junk yard The only old cars in the yard
Possible donor cars
Walked too far and wound up in ford-land. It felt very foreign...and a little scary. Quickly turned around and went back to GM-land!! The donor car
Video of the repair!! After pulling out all the bent stuff
Poor air filter :-( Hood back on...just waiting for the headlights from Ebay to show up! Total repair cost: $94 in parts, $94 in labor...$188 total!! Thanks David!

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