Reception / Dinner Party Friday Night before the Cannonball Event! Here is Stephanie, the smokin' hot rockin' babe from ECCO who organized the event!
Ft. McDowell Resort/Casino - What a gorgeous place!
Archie pulls up in style, blaring "Low Rider" by War on the mp3 player!
Dave and some of the other characters!
My navigator for the run - David, aka The Mad Bohemian!
Some of the cars in attendance Friday Dean Martin - Arizona State Treasurer!
This is the "Shaguar" like the one in Austin Powers
The Batmobile!!
The 1967 Corvette dropped from an airplane in Con Air with Nicolas Cage!
Ghostbusters Mobile!
Rosco, Enos & General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard!
Operation Homefront Arizona van! vehicles!
Kaos Funeral Cars Hearse!
Arizona Impalas members.
Bondurant Corvettes!
The rest of the cars!
The rest of the photos from Friday, in no particular order
(Group shot one week earlier at a driver meeting)

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