I was interviewed by the Discovery Channel for an upcoming reality show about people looking for parts for their old cars in junk yards. Interesting subject for a reality show I suppose. And it was an interesting experience. As soon as I got to the junk yard, the guy told me I would need to put tape over the Arizona Impala logo on my ball cap. I was not going to be on TV wearing tape on my cap, so I said I would do it without the cap. But it was really hot, so the guy said if I signed something saying that I had the right to use the logo, I could wear the cap. I was also wearing a StillRuns shirt, so I had to sign something for that, too. Then I had to remove the label from my Arrowhead water. They stopped short of asking me to remove my Nike shoes or my Batman underwear. Then we started the "reality". We went to the spot in the yard where they keep the 72 Impalas. Quite a nice selection. I had a list of parts I wanted to see if they had. When we found them, the guy really wanted me to buy all of them. I ended up picking up some cheap stuff because I blew all my money in Vegas the previous weekend. Here's what I got for only $20:




The guy running the show, I guess to make sure the show was as "real" as possible, had me walk a certain path, then stop and make a certain comment. Then, when he was going to ask me a question, he prepped me on how to answer the question. I really had a hard time being myself. I did manage to squeeze in that Archie was totaled and then taken on the Cannonball a month later. I also mentioned how Edith's backseat got torn during some "extracurricular" backseat action. Hopefully, the finished product doesn't make me look too foolish. Then again, looking foolish is what I do best! Look for the show starting in January, 2011.

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