Positive Feedback: As we are unable to vote for your 1972 Chevrolet Impala, we hope that you get enough hits on your site to get the answer to your license plate contest. We really appreciate your enthusiasm about your Impala and your loyalty to Chevrolet --GM Internet Response Center I had to tell you...That is the funniest thing I have EVER seen! I used to drive a '74 Torino named Rusty you would have loved. Thanks for the laugh!!! --Pam Dave Your car has to be the best piece of crap I've seen in quite a while. I really enjoyed your site. I think it's the first site in many months that I have read every page of. Keep up the good work. I need a laugh every now and then. --Gerry I don't know how I happened to your site but, my girlfriend and I just spent about 15 minutes laughing ourselves silly. Thank you. --Dave That's one helluva car dave. My dad drove one just like it in the early 80's. It had no lower body panels - they had all rotted away. Keep up the good work!! --Nancy It's a shame you are selling your car (or have already sold it). Cars like that have alot of personality. Not like the cars you can buy new today. I currently own a ' 77 Impala, a ' 70, ' 72, and ' 73 Monte Carlo, and a' 70 Chevelle. I would hate to part with any of them. --Greg You are the man. I'm just some stupid kid who stumbled over your site looking for spindles for my 72 Chevelle but I got down to the bottom and saw the reasons you drive your car and those were the many reasons I can justify fixing mine. I love it so much I gave my mother a copy and said see I'm not the only one who thinks that. --A true believer in Chevy Great site & a great parody of all the "my car" sites! How about adding a before and after page (of course no difference)? Maybe a page on oil & filter changing (close ups on taking the drain plug out) would be great too! I'm still laughing! --Ron Ohhh... Dude. Your site is hysterical! The picture captions had me rolling on the floor! Especially the ones about the cars with antlers. I'm sending your link to everyone I know! --A. I've added a link to your site. It got a smile out of me :) --Andrew Your site inspired me so much that I just bought a 68 Plymouth Valiant 4dr last week and I'm planning toi use it as a daily driver! The old cars feel so much more solid and safe than new cars. I don't think ill ever go back to buying new cars again.:) --Tom Negative Feedback: After getting the entire suspension system replaced, I took the car to Big O Tires and asked them to inspect the whole front end. When I asked what the guy thought after he test drove it, his reply was "It scared me so bad that I brought it right back to let the mechanic look at it." --Lance, Customer Service, Big O Tires Park that chevy in the bottom of Canyon Lake and get a real car. --Paul Your crazy, that is way to much for a car banged up like that, i was thinkin bout it but forget it --jewisprincessar@hotmail.com

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