My car's fifth show! Nimbus Brewing Company Hooptie Show! Tucson, AZ April 26, 2003
This was a really great car show! Congratulations to all those who were willing to show their cars. And's not an "Eye Sore", it's an "I Soar"! I was not entirely sure what it took to be a good Hooptie. I knew it had something to do with being a beater. But there's more to it than that. They offered an award for worst duct tape job, but I don't have any duct tape on my car...just a little packaging tape. And they offered an award for worst bondo job, but I don't have any bondo. I need it, but I don't have it. And they offered an award for worst car stereo, but I just got a new Blaupunkt stereo a few weeks ago. They offered an award for worst primer paint job, but mine doesn't have any primer, even if it was the ugliest color of all the cars. So as usual, my car was just about the biggest loser at the show! They also offered an award for worst hooptie, for meeting as many criteria as possible. The Brewery! (Very good beer. Be sure to try it if you get the chance)
The Brewery!
The bar!
Live Music! 
On the wall of the restroom! 
This belongs to a guy named Rob who was at the bar (far right dude in photo above and to the left) He bought me a beer and beat me at 2 out of 3 games of pool!
KFMA 92.1 Tucson Sponsor of the show
Here's all the trophies I didn't win! Beater of the Show Award!
My Car!
I like the balloons. The car should have come standard with a set of those.
Car info!
Watch them stare in utter amazement!
Watching in utter amusement!  
He's thinking: "Nice car. I wish I had one." She's thinking: "It's got the 2 bbl carb. He upgraded the ignition to HEI. Smart move. And he bypassed his heater core...must have been leaking."
I had to scratch my new plate to do this, but it was worth it. What a nice photo.
More onlookers
"Free bumper sticker. Cool. This car kicks butt!"
On display. Do not touch the car!
"They just don't build them like this anymore, Johnny. It's such a shame."
Sure was a dusty place
One of these guys is the person who told me about the show! (you get to guess which one) 
I can't remember the last time my car looked this nice.
The other Impala!

The winner of the show!
Oh my God!
Sweet Jesus!
Look at them. You can tell they knew they were going to win.
Holy Moley! The Journey to Tucson The Rest of the Hoopties! Car Show Girls! The Way Home After the show, I was going to suggest that we have a big demolition derby, but that wouldn't be fair, because I'd be the only one to drive home.

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