How to ship a hood

I had been collecting parts for my convertible project and ended up with a couple extra hoods. I sold one of them to someone out of state. I had used Greyhound Package Express in the past for large items. And sure enough, they shipped the hood for me. Months later, when I sold the other extra hood to someone else out of state, I decided to use the same service. So I man-handled the hood on top of my car's hood (see photos below), affixed the hood using packaging tape, then proceeded to drive the mere 2 miles to the Greyhound station. I then man-handled the hood into the station where the girl immediately said it was too big to ship. But I told her I had done this before with the same kind of hood. She said they are still Greyhound but they're also some smaller company with a smaller bus. She said I would need to take it to the downtown Phoenix station. Well it made it 2 miles to the first place without falling off the car, so what the hell. I drove about another 20 miles with the hood taped to my car, man-handled it into the station where the lady said it was too big. I wanted to strangle her, but I am a man of incredible restraint. I had her check with her supervisor (by telephone...because he was on vacation). He said it's too big. So it appears that the first time they shipped a hood for me, it was a mistake; apparently one they did not intend on making again, even considering all of the circumstances. After man-handling the hood onto my car for the last time to take it back home, a Mexican cab driver said to me from across the parking lot, "Oh yeah, that's going to hold." I told him I already drove all over town and I haven't lost it yet! Besides, he was a cab driver and one can only assume that he wasn't moonlighiting from his job as a physicist. I probably could have got the car up to 60 mph without the hood flying off, but I didn't risk it (I only reached about 45). I probably could have turned corners rather briskly without the hood flying off, but I didn't risk it. I'm pretty sure that if I jammed on the brakes really hard, it would have flown off, so I didn't do that. After getting home, my neighbor and I built a wooden crate for the hood. (see photos below). Then I shipped it FedEx through someone who has a business account. Thank God I am out of extra hoods!

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