Arizona Impalas 5 & Diner Shiner - All Chevy Show November 6th, 2004 5 & Diner Chandler, AZ Brokedown stuff on the way to the show
A moment of silence please...
The Diner My Cars! Archie and Gloria win their first trophy!
Archie's First Place Trophy!
Gloria's Second Place Trophy!
No Trophies For Edith...yet...
Archie's new $6 Duct Tape Toupee!
Archie Got Waxed!
Look at that shine!
Raffle Item I Donated Emergency Repair Gift Basket, containing: Duct tape, wire, coat hangers, hammer, crazy glue, stop leak, JB Weld, some thumb tacks and some band-aids! The Rest Of The Cars! Pre-Show Gathering Impalas Camaros Chevelles Trucks and Dogs Bel-Airs Miscellaneous Other Stuff Cars At The Show But Not In The Show

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