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Check out this Caddy. See if you can tell where the car ends and reality begins!
Oh my god! I found a car that looks worse than mine!
I can't read the price on this one It's either $5 or $500. Either way, it looks like a pretty bad deal!
Tree good... bad.
Here's a Ford Pinto which looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.
Disadvantage of owning a car with this many stickers: If someone adds a sticker that says, "This car is gay", it could take weeks before you spot it!
"I knew I should've bought that Impala!!"
Price of fancy sports car: $66,500 Price of trailer used to carry sports car: $500 Price of pickup truck used to tow trailer: $20,000 Look on your face when you realize you just wasted $67,000: Priceless!
I'm sure there's something pretty funny that can be said about this car. But I can't quite pinpoint what it is. (Months later, I took this photo of the car sitting on its rotor with a tow-away sticker on its windshield. Now that's funny!)
Fire department is standing by... I think they're deciding whether this car deserves a "controlled burn"
Furnished apartment for rent. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 4 wheel drive.
I swear I see entertainment centers
for flat screen TVs in there.
This police car is a beater. Any car with at least one missing wheel cover looks like a beater in my opinion. This covers anything from a 1954 Studebaker to a $300,000 Ferrari!
Someone must have stolen their roof! I mean, the vinyl is just gone, even though the rest of the car looks brand new!
Update! Here's another Town Car with a similar problem
Step 1: Drive to grocery store Step 2: While in grocery store, subconsciously convince yourself that you don't own a car Step 3: Walk home from the grocery store
Yes, even hondas require a little TLC (and a new engine once in a while)
I Left My Bumper In San Francisco
I've heard of a front end alignment. This truck needs a rear end alignment!
Max capacity: 2,000 lbs. ...or 12 feet high... whichever comes first.
Looks like the heat shield couldn't withstand re-entry.
That's a pretty good idea... buying a car which is approximately the same color as duct tape!
These folks must be storm chasers. It appears they found one.
This is either a toyota or a mercedes, it's hard to tell... It broke down on the road, apparently because the muffler fell off! Scroll to right to see police car!
Help...I'm falling to pieces! This car did not have a make or model printed anywhere on the front, back or sides of the car. I think the manufacturer was so ashamed of their creation that they didn't put their name on it! Either that, or it's one of those new generic cars.
They tied down the hood. Does that mean they actually drive this heap? Oh my!
I never cared too much for mini-vans I think this may be the reason why.
This car has a place for two license plates! Perhaps one is for the car while the other is for its antlers! If you don't think they're antlers, vote for what you think they are!
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